120509 ; Jay Park Fansigning at Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta

this week’s and last week’s wednesday tickets. i’m such a happy girl :’)

it was indescribable. the thrill, the excitement, the nerve. everything.

got there at 3.20 pm and Jay Park was already sang Know Your Name when i got in. it was so crowded and everybody was screaming. he wore white leather jacket, blue sleeveless tee + white wifebeater. still on his press conference outfit which held earlier. he was an amazing singer and dancer! gosh. then he took off his jacket and sang Girlfriend to us. he’s very talkative too. man, i’m so speechless. he’s very well built and had really healthy milky white skin. sooo white it’s blinding. when we asked him to sing more songs, he said, “we gotta get on to the signing session. i’m gonna sing more in showcase, ‘kay?”. then he went off upstairs.

afterwards we lined up for the signing. ah, i met new friends there :D two hottests, Fitri and Monita. while lining, the girls in front of me were talking about the coming of Xia Junsu to Indonesia (and that ‘innocent’ promoter lol). we’re separated into ten in each groups, get to the upstairs and met Jay for signing.

originally i was planned for Jay to write ‘to Wika. happy birthday. all the best from Jay’. but the manager ahjumma said it’s too long. jJay can only write your name. so she put down the paper and pointed at ‘to Wika’. Jay wrote as instructed and gave the booklet back to me. i swear he’s so breathtaking. so gorgeous, polite and humble. i was so starstrucked. i can only say “thank you, Jay”. then he looked up, smiled and waved both his hands on me. his infamous wide all-teeth smile.

i swear i just died.

the best moment of my life.

i was shaken so hard when i walked out of the cafe. as i type this i still can remember that tremor i got lol it was amazing. and i found myself crying all night long after i got home because i don’t expect such nice attitude from a celebrity. he was so polite. he kept smiling. few fans said they got the chance to shake hands and hi-five with Jay ((why you’re so stricken, Nyan. you missed the whole fun -_-)). so so polite.

it was one of the best day of my life. thank you so much, Jay. i fall into a deeper love to you ♥

for my bestie ^_____^

current twitter display pic kkk

and today, i met Wika to give the cd to her. she was so surprised since she didn’t saw it coming, she almost burst into tears. she’s so happy! ^___^ she will be away next month to pursue her master degree in SG and she won’t be here on her birthday either. happy early birthday, Bestie!

the happy girl kkk

The happy girl ^____^

can’t wait for next weekend! totally excited!



Author: Allison Nakamura

Tannya Aditya. Also known as Allison Nakamura of @DBSKCassIndo. Editor by weekdays, blogger on weekend. Quiescent misanthropist and sugoi motherfucker. 東方神起ファン. http://tohosync.flavors.me/


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