120922 ; SMTOWN Live in Jakarta (Part 2)


smtown live in jakarta on september 22nd was such a blast. wow. cannot even describe how fun it was. i’m particularly a fan of most sm entertainment‘s artists’ songs (songs. not the artist)and to see em lip-sync-live in front of my very own eyes was such a pleasant sight. SNSD was as thin as i predicted (sooyoung, seohyun and hyoyeon was so much better irl). kyuhyun and onew was as cute as i thought. kangta was so gorgeous and i was unexpectedly like krystal better afterwards.


TVXQ, though, was the highlight of the night.

do you ever have such feeling. feeling of seeing an artist live and you don’t know what song they sing but your eyes glued on them until the end of their performance? i kind of feeling such from my surroundings. i was standing on moshpit B, where most of the audiences were elf (super junior‘s fans. and there’s this one annoying girl behind me with siwon pic on his small paper. but she can go to hell now. my oppars beat hers). the moment MAXIMUM blasting off the speakers. my eyes are glued to the stage, watching such awesomeness. the tears that have ran dry after yunho‘s dance battle poured out again. i’m proud of you, guys. really really proud. they rocked the stage like a true performer they are. showing their class. of why they have been called one of the best in korean music industry. the real gods of the east (dong bang shin ki = rising gods of the east).

yunho was all i’ve imagined. tanned, muscled, nice smile, OH SO MANLY GLARE AND ALL THAT DIVA MOVEMENTS. he was sick, but none noticed. such a great performer. he pulled off his iconic moves throughout the performances and nailed em all. shit, man.

changmin. DUDE, ARE YOU EVEN REAL. this kid has such an amazing built body. all muscles in the right places (i’m whimpering at the reminiscence). fucking long legs. and such sexy smirk. i need more time to appreciate your godliness on stage, dude. see you on world tour.

changmin during just the way you are. duet with kyuhyun of super junior.

well i’m not being biased. almost all audiences said that they were really mindblown by TVXQ. even after their performance end, few elf next to me were showing their amazement. legit proof is legit.
i was kinda regret that they weren’t singing live. but then, smtown, what’s new lol but the effects used were awesome. and the way they pulled the audience to hysteria was great. it was an awesome sight. i went back to the hotel feeling all satisfied and sleep with the happiest smile that night.

me that day. lookin’ all pervert lol wae

photos courtesy of me for DBSKCassIndo
for more pics, please go to my facebook
here’s my fanaccount in indonesian if you’re interested


Author: Allison Nakamura

Tannya Aditya. Also known as Allison Nakamura of @DBSKCassIndo. Editor by weekdays, blogger on weekend. Quiescent misanthropist and sugoi motherfucker. 東方神起ファン. http://tohosync.flavors.me/


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