Day 01: Your favourite song(s)

Well, this going to be a lot.

My fave english song is “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out of” by U2. It’s depressing, yes. But somehow I can relate to it. Idk. Oh I also like “Can’t Make You Love Me”. You guys probably heard Adam Lambert’s ver. But I prefer the original one. I forgot who sang it tho.

My fave Japanese song is “Siren” by ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION. Whoa another depressing song lol I tend to pick songs I can relate to. And most of the time, it’s Ajikan’s. Another one is L’Arc~en~Ciel’s “Winterfall”. Once I suffered from a very horrible typhoid and this song is the only one supported me at that moment. Idky it keeps me alive. Maybe because it’s cheer-y? And I’m a sucker for Tohoshinki’s releases sobs. “Bolero” is just all sorts of perfect and “Duet” by far is my most repeated song. Can they just stay in Japan so they don’t have to serve in military?

My fave Korean song(s), um, you don’t expect me to choose, right? Haha. It’s Coffee Prince’s OST “Noreul Saranghae”. Since the first time I heard it, I like it. It’s just sweet and lovely. I wish someone would sing it in my wedding tho. Another ones are TVXQ’s “Mirotic” and “I’ll be There”, B.A.P’s “One Shot” and “Coffee Shop”, G-Dragon’s “That XX”, Urban Zakapa’s “Caffee Latte”, Geeks’ “Jeonhwa Bajima (part 1 and 2), Junsu’s “11AM”, and John Park’s “Imagine”.


Author: Allison Nakamura

Tannya Aditya. Also known as Allison Nakamura of @DBSKCassIndo. Editor by weekdays, blogger on weekend. Quiescent misanthropist and sugoi motherfucker. 東方神起ファン.


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