131109 ; my thoughts on SM WEEK

“SM Entertainment have launched a new kind of concert format called ‘SM WEEK’ at the end of this year.

The concert will be held across nine days from the 21st till the 29th of December at the Ilsan KINTEX and will feature performances from the entertainment agency’s global singers such as TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x) and EXO.

TVXQ are set to create an unforgettable moment for their fans during their concerts as the 26th of December will mark the group’s 10th anniversary.”

To begin with, I have my own opinion. Am I not disappointed? Yes, I am. Hey, who said 10th anniversary not an important thing to me? PLOT TWIST OF THE 21ST CENTURY, IT IS, BITCH. Just because I took it rather calmly instead of #fuckingsmweek don’t mean that I accept the whole thing just easy. I just have zero expectation when it comes to SME regarding anything TVXQ. It saves oneself from a whole lot of fucking disappointment and heartache (in which SME usually caused). Why? Year by year we only get tacky videos, greetings, and photos during anniversary. Learning from that, will SME put more effort to make the 10th anniversary more special? I’d say we only have 20% chance.

Special is not the same as extravagant.

Yes, the 10th anniversary will be celebrated. SME have prepared something special for it, I read it somewhere. But do they have to celebrate it in what, Jamshil Stadium with all sorts of amazing effects and lightings. Special can be in its content rather than its package. Get it? It’s in the way we celebrate it rather than blatantly show off how big we celebrate it. Heck, we’ll have no difference if we party big like all those smh rappers on the west with all those blings and stuffs we always talk about. Oh snap.

Not that I’m pro SME. Yes, the venue is small, at the very end of station, rather one level venue –  it does not have tribune. I can’t accept SME to choose such venue for TVXQ either. But then again, in South Korea, there’s close to none the amount of decent performance venue that are meant to be a concert venue just like here in Indonesia. As far as I can remember, Seoul does not have specific venue like Bangkok’s Impact Arena, yes? Most concert venues we seen on K-pop artists concerts are stadiums and function halls. Moreover, this held on SM WEEK. A week of concert relay that will somewhat look like exhibition. Why bother in using huge stadium or function hall like COEX when they’re unsure of how many people would come to see it? Surely they have estimated the amount. But then again, it’s better to have a full house performance in small venue rather than 3/4 empty venue.

Kintex is one of Jaejoong’s concert venue in Your, My, Mine tour so it could be categorized as decent.

But still, I hope SME could change the venue. At least for two days of TVXQ performance.

Moreover, there’s still huge possibilities for Catch Me encore a.k.a final of the tour. So most likely TVXQ fans will get even better stuffs in the future. This is not a spoiler, kthx.

Looking at the date, it’s a pretty good placement to attract tourists especially because they’ve been around for gayo daejuns. And to see it in business term, it sounds profitable. Who are SME to deny it? Then again, TVXQ’s event will guarantee tourists to come (especially from Japan). It’d be good to keep them stay a bit longer with other artistes of theirs. Keep ’em money rollin’.

Logic and less expectation. Have ’em.

You are entitled to your own opinion. But I’m not sorry for having different opinion #teamtsundere.


Author: Allison Nakamura

Tannya Aditya. Also known as Allison Nakamura of @DBSKCassIndo. Editor by weekdays, blogger on weekend. Quiescent misanthropist and sugoi motherfucker. 東方神起ファン. http://tohosync.flavors.me/


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