TVXQ! 동방신기_수리수리 (Spellbound)_Music Video Teaser

Seriously I don’t know what to expect. But so far so good (though it’s explicitly looked like somewhat ripoff of Super Junior’s “SPY” and SHINee’s “Everybody”). YUNHO WITH FEMALE DANCER THO. asdfjkdsa just take my moneeeyyy. And I fancy the outfits. U R G H.

How to deal with Yunho’s hair: Error 404 Not Found.

But still, I’m somewhat afraid this will be another “Humanoids” for me. As in, I love the MV, I don’t like the song. Oh SME, why.

Can’t wait!



Author: Allison Nakamura

Tannya Aditya. Also known as Allison Nakamura of @DBSKCassIndo. Editor by weekdays, blogger on weekend. Quiescent misanthropist and sugoi motherfucker. 東方神起ファン. http://tohosync.flavors.me/


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