Netizenbuzz: IU names her antis ‘Milk’

Pann: The reason IU calls her antis ‘Milk’

Fan: What’s your favorite snack?
IU: Hardtack biscuits!

Fan: What are female fans to IU?
IU: They are like the star candy inside bags of hardtack biscuits (traditional bags of biscuits come with tiny packets of star candy)

Fan: If female fans are star candy and uncle fans are biscuits, what are anti fans?
IU: Milk?

Fan: Why are anti fans milk?
IU: Because you get thirsty when all you eat are biscuits so you need a gulp of milk to maintain a balance.

1. [+156, -12] That basically translates to receiving only love might make her cocky so she needs even a bit of hate to keep her grounded so she doesn’t lose her roots.

2. [+100, -13] It’s normal to think of people who hate you as your enemy but IU even finds a way to benefit from hate. For a young age, she has deep thoughts and I respect her mindset. When fans ask her if it’s hard because of anti fans, she always talks about having fans and worries about them first.

3. [+92, -11] That’s a really thoughtful way to put it..


The need to post it because it’s such a soul food. Or food for thought. For having such mature thought despite her young age, I salute IU. Such a babe inside and out.


Author: Allison Nakamura

Tannya Aditya. Also known as Allison Nakamura of @DBSKCassIndo. Editor by weekdays, blogger on weekend. Quiescent misanthropist and sugoi motherfucker. 東方神起ファン. http://tohosync.flavors.me/


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