Tannya Aditya Soekmadyanto born in Jakarta 24 years ago and widely known as Nyan. Her pen name is Allison Nakamura, in which she uses in writing everything entertainment related and her fiction works.

Tannya is an editor on her weekdays. While she’s not busy editing some lovely TV series or movies, she’s a blogger and admin of DBSKCassIndo. Self-declared journalist, dreamer, also occasional concert goer.  She likes photography, music, fashion, food, and everything about Japan. She dreams to travel around the world with her camera someday and recently tries to read book as much as she can. Her love-hate relationship with photoshop is undeniable.

LOUD THOUGHTS is her public blog about everything, it could get random and messy sometimes. But mostly, honest.  Everything here is courtesy of Tannya unless stated otherwise. No stealing.  Thanks for visiting xx

Reach me on nyanstr@gmail.com

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