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made new goodreads account. really looking forward to read more books other than mangas. this will be my next year’s goal. starting with 20 books a year. let’s go!

October: Currently Reading


“Train Man/Densha Otoko” by Nakano Hitori

I remember there was a movie about an otaku who fight a drunk man that harrassed a bunch of ladies. Then the dorama. Orange Range soundtrack came in between. I always wanted to read the book since then. It was 2004-ish.

Then this year finally the book is translated to Indonesian.

The book is rather cute and simple. Taken from chitchats of 2ch forum people to support the otaku who is super clueless just to be good enough for one of the lady that sent her present of gratitute to him. I can’t remember when was the last time I smile so widely while reading a novel. It’s superbly touching in so many ways. The Indonesian translation is kinda off. But I guess the translator wanted to keep it free as possible so it’s okay. The emoji tho. Welp.