131129 ; VAMPS ahead!

Camera 360

VAMPS. what should I say about them. First of all, I’m not a fan. I only know one song, “Trouble”, and it’s a cover too. So I think that won’t be count. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop me from coming to the festival which featured VAMPS as its guest last friday.

But it was worth it.

I guess I can say that since I’m not a fan at all, I have moment to appreciate VAMPS music better and be less biased. I have to say that it was very good. Just like Laruku gig earlier last year, Hyde managed to put up such amazing display of vocals for one and a half hour. Very stable. Kaz is impressive too. He played his guitar as if it’s a part of his body. And all additionals managed to keep up with it. It was awesome.

And VAMPS songs, how should I say it. The only song I’d put up with is only “Sweet Dream”. Their fast tempo ones rather not melodious but pretty okay tbh. Just not my type of rock.

Hyde’s Indonesian was really adorbs hahah I managed to write down all of his words in Indonesian and never fail to make me giggle everytime I re-read the notes.

Hope to see you soon, Hyde-san. Hopefully with Laruku again xx

P. S. Edited the pic with Snapseed. Damn it’s dope yo.


131124 ; K-Pop Vaganza at Gandaria City


it was nice. i enjoyed it a little too much. very fun.

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the show started very late. a little before 2PM. very hot but not too cramped, thankfully. the show hosted by two lovely MCs. they are really good in hosting. and i’m somewhat entertained more than i thought XD show opened by S.O.S, then 3GB, Alika, and S4. gladly said, i’m all over alika. JUST BECAUSE. you go girl.

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nothing, i repeat, NOTHING, could ever prepared me for the osmness of Phantom. damn, their live is so good! they even sang hole in your face. that’s a surprise. i’m just, wrought. they’re totally good. and they’re totally rocking the whole audience to their feet.

Camera 360Camera 360  Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360 Camera 360

geeks. are. superb. i just cannot put it to words. they’re awesome. i just jamming to all the songs in an instant. they’re as good as i predicted. kinda sad they didn’t sing “nal jibapeseo”, but their rendition of “moves like jagger” with Phantom and S4 was great. and “officially missing you, too” was such a delight.

on a lighter note:

  • Louie looked like Yoohwan (i am almost convinced he’s actually Park lol)
  • Lilboi was shy.
  • Sanchez was damn attractive.
  • Kiggen’s speaking voice wet my panties was very heavenly.

and that’s just about enough of my pictures because my Cam360 suddenly crashed fml. i captured too many great moments! including Sanchez hugging a guy like Rain and Song Hye Kyo in Full House LOL overall, it was a fun show. Indonesia needs to hold this type of event more often tbh.

while at it, can i hope for romantic acoustic night with John Park, k.will, Ailee, and Sungha Jung pls? ;___;

130908 ; Jak-Japan Matsuri at MoNas


It was nice. The food, I mean. Hahaha. Nah, I only bought takoyaki and matcha kakigoori that day. Which was excruciatingly hot. Unfortunately, not long after I took pics of Omikoshi parade, my phone died :( it just refused to switch on so I have to go to service centre by the next day.

The highlight was some cute Japanese guys (ahem) and more lovely families. I always thought Japanese families are very photogenic ;-; shallow me hahah

But one thing captured me was, how obnoxious young people nowadays. They seemed to have no manner when it comes to having fun. Standing in your way (when you’re desperately seeking for exit. Rude), shoutings, not asking for permission, etc. I know you supposed to have fun, but please don’t get in others’ way so they can’t have fun either. There’s this one incident when a girl (underage) trying to pop the lid of mineral water in plastic glass container and ended up splashing everyone nearby. But she just smiled and ran away while some people near her quickly wiped their face off the water she splashed. Rude. Right.

I hope youngsters could control their behavior in public space nowadays. Please remember there are people nearby. Just behave nice and behave right for few hours. This is not a jungle.

P. S. Yeah, I ps-ed the pic and add credit lol new header too! whaddaya think?