Music Appreciation:
TVXQ – Destiny
(Catch Me album, track 3)

I shall start this post with how much I love TVXQ’s ballad. I did become a fan through most upbeat songs. In fact, it was Mirotic that made me love them. But it’s not until I listened to both Begin and Asu wa Kuru Kara that I ultimately understand why TVXQ known for their ballad. Surely their Japanese ballads are different from the Korean ones. They’re much softer and less attentive. I tend to find that their kr ballads are either require you to stand still and leave everything you’re doing at once to absorb it, or forgetable. Much of the time it’s the former that brings to the latter (I think One is a perfect example). While I love their songs, I haven’t found the right Korean ballad that just settles well with me.

Then Destiny came.

It’s a very laid back song. Other than strings on the second refrain, every sound is somewhat reduced to a repetitive heartbeat with little tinge of keyboard. But it’s their voice that set out the ambience of the whole song. From Changmin’s first note (it really sets the mood, isn’t it?) to Yunho’s lullaby that accompanies next. Their voice carried the song with all of its ups and downs. They sound so amazing, their voice perfectly blend to each other. Making the song sounds so smooth. Showing their skill in somewhat subtlety.

And it’s also great that this is the type of song you can play in your car or during bus trip through the traffic while nodding freely, but also the song that you can grab someone to slow dance with. All without compromising their tone and still carry that same premise of TVXQ’s ballad: slowly, smoothly building its way to the peak, and it’s wonderful.




It came like a week ago. Had two dents on the sides though. Well. But the insides ain’t affected much. I’m glad.

Still saving up for the white ver ♡

About this album, I still have conflict within. Some said it’s indeed special and the best TVXQ album to date. I enjoy all the songs, moreover their solos. But I also cannot help but think that those are somewhat leftover songs that didn’t make it to “Tense” (especially “Everyday It Rains” and “Smile”). Thus I cannot put it higher than “Tense”.

Or it’s just my biasness showing haha


Bang Yongguk (B.A.P) – Q

Awhile ago it rains. The next thing I know I have this song opened in new tab.

I just have to post this.

I hide what I want to say within my red lips and make up lies again while having my mouth shut tight

I look up at the night sky with a comforted heart and swallow again and again and again

His mind is a really deep and mysterious place. A mysterious yet unique man named Bang Yongguk.


Random interesting thing I found across the web (comment, actually) today.

Pomegranates are symbols of fertility and feminine sexuality, and they contain estrogen which literally means “producer of sexual desire.” So…he’s symbolically ripping open your ovaries. *shiver*

So next time I see pomegranate being ripped in any K-Pop videos (Ahem, GD & TOP, looking at cha!), it’ll remind me of this amusing yet somewhat creepy shit.


SISTAR – Hush, 씨스타 – 허쉬, Celebration 400th Show Music core

Among all of those performers covering each other, this far, this is my fave. There is just something good in this. Surely not as good as the original one, but heck, they can carry it through the end rather nicely. I like how Hyorin covers for Min and how Bora sings. It’s just really nice.

Now all I need is Sistar to have comeback with leather pants and cropped top and shaking their butt off. Yase.