131124 ; K-Pop Vaganza at Gandaria City


it was nice. i enjoyed it a little too much. very fun.

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the show started very late. a little before 2PM. very hot but not too cramped, thankfully. the show hosted by two lovely MCs. they are really good in hosting. and i’m somewhat entertained more than i thought XD show opened by S.O.S, then 3GB, Alika, and S4. gladly said, i’m all over alika. JUST BECAUSE. you go girl.

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nothing, i repeat, NOTHING, could ever prepared me for the osmness of Phantom. damn, their live is so good! they even sang hole in your face. that’s a surprise. i’m just, wrought. they’re totally good. and they’re totally rocking the whole audience to their feet.

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geeks. are. superb. i just cannot put it to words. they’re awesome. i just jamming to all the songs in an instant. they’re as good as i predicted. kinda sad they didn’t sing “nal jibapeseo”, but their rendition of “moves like jagger” with Phantom and S4 was great. and “officially missing you, too” was such a delight.

on a lighter note:

  • Louie looked like Yoohwan (i am almost convinced he’s actually Park lol)
  • Lilboi was shy.
  • Sanchez was damn attractive.
  • Kiggen’s speaking voice wet my panties was very heavenly.

and that’s just about enough of my pictures because my Cam360 suddenly crashed fml. i captured too many great moments! including Sanchez hugging a guy like Rain and Song Hye Kyo in Full House LOL overall, it was a fun show. Indonesia needs to hold this type of event more often tbh.

while at it, can i hope for romantic acoustic night with John Park, k.will, Ailee, and Sungha Jung pls? ;___;