a.k.a weekly update as per 3rd week of july.

– pc at work dead by monday. on at tuesday. back to dead again throughout wednesday to friday. thinking that it could’ve been the helper who accidentally pulled some cables, i told them not to clean my desk. obviously one of them must’ve have difficulty to obey order, so yeah, she cleaned it. which caused my pc to die for the rest of the week. thank you so much. i hope you step on a lego.

– first day of school means THREE LONG AGONIZING HOURS OF TRAFFIC. can you believe that i was off by 6.05am and got to office on 9am? you students pissed me off beyond belief. stop taking your parents and your cars to school fgs.

– went fasting break together with friends on wednesday. heavy rain tho. urgh. weather y u so unpredictable.
and as always, rain = heavy traffic.

– started watching jessica & krystal. it is unexpectedly nice and heartwarming and so far from bitchy. they always have this bitchy ice queen image and this show gave me lots of different perspective about them. i love how jessica cares about crystal, and how crystal loves to snuggle to her sis. they smiled so much throughout the show. it is fun.

– started bulk buy project of “just us” with jaejoongid awhile ago.

– jyj’s comeback is really happening. it’s real.

– things are finally starting to look up in the family. while i’m deciding to let it go on work and fandom.

– yes, i was this close in giving up on fandom bec of things happening over the past weeks. but i decided, fans will be assholes. some are nice, some just need to be banished from the mind.


– shows i enjoyed watching/working: wahlburgers, world wars.

– songs i enjoyed listening: metronome by jay park, mr. ambiguous by mamamoo, darling by girl’s day, stolen by dashboard confessional.

– note for next week: stop stressing out. breathe in. people including you, make mistakes. loosen up. you’re not less loved. people are just less mindful like that.