Hi, Mom. How’s heaven up there? It must be fun since you’re no longer alone. Grandpa has gone there, so did your little sister. Also some of your friends at beauty parlor. Guess it’s pretty crowded. I bet you all are having fun up there. Maybe cooking. Everyone said your cooking skill is amazing. I can attest to that. My 14 years with you have proven no less. Thus that makes me kinda envy those who already with you.

Or maybe you’re all doing some girly time right now. Painting nails or doing some makeup? Or maybe curling each other’s hair? You’re a master on your own class, Mom. They’re all lucky. Too lucky.

Me? Uhh, things are pretty rocky right now. But we’re all fine. Me, brother, and dad are getting along much better than when you left us. Maybe everything (and everyone) aren’t in their place now, but we’ll make it. We’ll always make it, right? Because you believe in us. There’s never a moment of hesitation, even a second, in you, for telling us that we’re so much greater than who we are. That we’re always able to do everything. You gave us confidence and make sure that we are never the slave of the society. You are the best. Maybe you’re not alpha woman, Mom. But you made us (somewhat) alpha. And that’s bajillion times better.

Missing you whole awful lot.

Born again, still your daughter. Love you.




It came like a week ago. Had two dents on the sides though. Well. But the insides ain’t affected much. I’m glad.

Still saving up for the white ver ♡

About this album, I still have conflict within. Some said it’s indeed special and the best TVXQ album to date. I enjoy all the songs, moreover their solos. But I also cannot help but think that those are somewhat leftover songs that didn’t make it to “Tense” (especially “Everyday It Rains” and “Smile”). Thus I cannot put it higher than “Tense”.

Or it’s just my biasness showing haha