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At a glance, this space might’ve seen like a junkyard for all negative thoughts. Well. I think it’s just because I tend to write what I strongly feel at that particular moment. I’m really bad in speaking, as in I can perfectly picture bit-by-bit what to say but it comes out differently. I’m trying to work it out by writing it down, so that in case I feel such or being at the same situation again, I kinda know what to say by then.

I’m Tannya Aditya. That awkward being on the photo. Twentysomething from Jakarta, Indonesia. Allison Nakamura is my pen name in writing about everything related to Asian especially in movie and music. I also blog and manage DBSKCassIndo.

Thanks for visiting and let’s be friends xx

For inquiries, reach me on aditya.tannya@gmail.com

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